Daniel played a huge role in helping my wife and I buy our first home. We were obviously intimidated but Daniel kept us in check. After looking at 10 or 12 places, he told us that we hadn’t yet seen the house that we’re going to buy. He said, “You’ll know it and I’ll know it when we find your place.” He was right on the money. We did finally find it, and we all knew it the minute we walked in the front door! Daniel was patient with us, never got frustrated, and never pushed his opinions on us unless we asked him. Thanks Daniel!
Kevin Lane – the Lanes, the Possibilities, the Glands, the Arcs

Daniel Peiken was the listing agent for our daughter’s house. Since I already knew Daniel from the music community, I knew that he would be pleasant, honest, forthright, and easy to deal with, all of which proved to be true. Daniel is a real asset to Athens.
David Barbe – Athens Top Producer, President of UGA School of Music Business

Daniel actually made buying a house easy and stress free. I wish I could buy another one just so I could work with Daniel again. Thanks
Matt DeFilippis, Tour Manager, Drive-By Truckers

Daniel is not only my agent, but a great friend. He never hesitates to accept any request either in the line of duty otherwise. Because of his various interests, he has so much in common with so many diverse people. He has the capability to find anyone the house that suits them perfectly. The bank representative at the closing actually said that it was the smoothest and most efficient transaction he had ever been party to! Let me know if I can do anything else,
thanks again.
John Chason – Athens Icon, Georgia Theatre Bartender for 20+ years

I am thrilled to be able to write a testimonial on Daniels behalf. Besides Daniel being a wonderful person and a delight to work with, he is simply one of the most hard working people I know. When my husband and I were looking to buy a home with Daniel’s help we had many up’s and down’s. He continued to reassure us that we would in fact “buy the home of our dreams”. At that time, I didnt believe him but continued our search despite running into problems for one reason or another with the properties we were looking at. My husband, myself and Daniel were all looking and he would always jump at the chance to show us one of his listings or someone else’s if he was available. After 6 months of tirelessly looking, we found and signed on the house of our dreams. We couldnt be happier with our experience with Daniel or our home. Thank you from the Matherly’s!
Heather Heyn – the B-53’s, Nuci’s Space

I loved working with Daniel to buy my house! His knowledge, flexibility, honesty and positive attitude are huge assets in the hunt for a home. I highly recommend Daniel!
Timi Conley – Aqualove, Fuzzy Sprouts, Kite to the Moon, Abby Road Live, The Wild Rumpus Parade & Spectacle

I remember meeting Daniel, an old friend from my 40 Watt days contacted me and said he knew someone who wanted to get to know me. Little did I know at the time that I would be needing Daniel’s expertise to assist me in my time of need, but I was sorely glad that we’d met when I did. Daniel and I spent quite a bit of time discussing Athens music and its community, I remember being impressed with his knowledge of what Athens was like in the days before he moved here. As he shared his outstanding photography of bands with me I became more and more impressed with the passion he exhibits for Athens and what its music has come to mean to this little northeast Georgia town. Daniel’s heart is as devoted to the Athens music community as any band member I’ve ever known, and that accounts for a few hundred individuals. I can’t think of anyone who’s more dedicated to being an honest and responsible member of this community than Daniel, we have trusted him with counseling me on the purchase of our home as well as sharing the process of marketing my wife’s previous home in Mississippi and first the rental and then the purchase of a home for her daughter and son-in-law. Anything else that might arise concerning real estate needs within our family sphere will definitely come under the caring assistance of the man we all know we can trust with the most important material asset in our lives: our homes.
T. Patton Biddle, the WIZ  Audio, Historic 40 Watt Sound Man

Daniel Peiken is an incredibly conscientious real estate agent. He has boundless energy and enthusiasm and is always ready to pursue his clients’ goals… even at a moments notice, or in a pinch. I would recommend him above anyone else if you are buying a house in the Athens area.
Jim Willingham – Old Smokey, Ham1